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A shock

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A shock

Motorcycle brake and caliper cylinders

sleeved and rebuilt

BMW Motorcycle Master

BMW motorcycle master cylinder

Resleeving only, $95.00
send us empty housing, all fittings etc. removed (but leave on the arm, like it is shown on photo above). We return cleaned and resleeved, but still empty. You reassemble with a kit you provide.

Complete rebuilding, $175.00 - $245.00
send it as it comes off, we return ready for installation back on, straight out of the box. We will dissasemble, clean, resleeve and reassemble with new rebuild kit. Cost is $245 if OEM kit is used, $175 if just internal seals and seals between cylinder and reservoir are replaced (OEM kit also includes new parts that are usually re-usable, like piston and rubber "glove" for the reservoir).

Harley Davidson FLH calipers

Harley Davidson FHL caliper

Complete rebuilding, $185.00
2"1/4 bore sleeved to OEM size, pistons machined to accept modern caliper seal and boot, new bleeder screw.

Harley Davidson, Norton, Honda, KTM (Magura clutch master) and all other - Please call

Harley Davidson Master

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