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A shock

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A shock

Shock Absorbers:Lever Action Type

Lever action type shock absorbers were used on most cars until early 1950's and on some sports cars as late as 1980's (MGB, for example). Pistons in these shocks are connected to a shaft, one end of an arm (or a pair of arms) is attached to the shaft and the other end is connected to the suspension spring. Spring oscilation causes back and forth movement of one arm end, which on its other end induces rotary movement of the shaft, causing pistons to move and force the fluid through the valve ..., and spring oscillation is dampened. (Compare to modern "direct action" tubular shocks where piston and spring are attached to a single rod.) Rolls Royce SC2 rear shock

Eight reasons to check'em

Apple Hydraulics: largest USA rebuilder of lever shock absorbers

If it is a lever shock, Apple does it!

Houdaille Ferrari shock Buick front shock Austin Healey front shock

On this page: Lever Shocks | What We Do | American | Imports

Two levels of shock rebuilding services:



  • Apple Hydraulics long standing reputation for precision workmanship started with these fine rebuilt shock absorbers.
  • Externally cleaned to bare metal. Housings rebushed with bronze bushings, shafts reground and polished. Cylinders and pistons are align honed and polished. To aid dirt and water exclusion highest quality double-lip seals are used, which outlast originals. Valving is properly calibrated for correct jounce and rebound specs. Painted with a gun-metal gray primer.
  • Prices listed are for Standard Rebuild.
  • Ever since introduction of our Heavy Duty shock line we have been selling them 2 to 1 over standard units.
  • Designed for our customers who enjoy driving their cars with performance in mind. Rebuilt to same high quality as our standard units with larger bronze bushing where main shaft rides. Shock valving is upgraded, 15% stiffer than standard shock. Highly recommended for many Armstrong aluminum body shocks, esp. Big Healey front, Midget/Sprite front and TR-6 rear shocks.
  • Please add $10 per shock for Heavy Duty Rebuild.
  • On this page: Lever Shocks | What We Do | American | Imports

    American Cars

    GM Cars and Trucks (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet (Chevy), Oldsmobile, Pontiac) Almost all equipped with Delco shock absorbers made in Dayton, Ohio. (Exceptions are 1934-38 Chevrolet (Chevy) and 1934-36 Pontiac, with Dubonnet knee action front shocks.) We can rebuild all of these. For most models after about 1940 we have already rebuilt units in stock (see Ordering Options). Prices for these "late" shocks are $215 each for front, $165 each for rear, plus core deposit if applicable. Buick rear shock
    Ford Cars and Trucks (incl. Lincoln and Mercury) All equipped with Houdaille shock absorbers made in Buffalo, N.Y. Rotary style, with round clocklike housing. Price $195 each, plus core deposit if applicable. Ford Houdaille shock
    Other US Makes mostly used either Delco or Houdaille shocks.
  • Chrysler - Dodge - Plymouth - DeSoto used Delco lever shocks until 1936. First automaker to switch all its passenger cars to tubular shocks.
  • Packard used mostly Delco shocks with Houdaille shocks on some models in early 1930's.
  • Studebaker used mostly Houdaille shocks with Delco shocks on some models.
  • Gabriel, Monroe, and Wahl are other vintage US lever shocks, used by some independent automakers (Nash/Lafayette, Essex, Franklin)
  • Packard externaly adjustable shock

    On this page: Lever Shocks | What We Do | American | Imports

    British & Other Imports

    Austin Healey - MGA - MGB - Midget/Sprite - Triumph. Already rebuilt Armstrong lever shocks for these cars are in stock. Midget/Sprite front shock
    MGTC - MGTD/TF - Rolls Royce/Bentley - Ferrari - Jaguar - Aston Martin - Morgan - Saab - Mercedes - BMW - Volkswagen - All these and many others had lever shocks at one time or another.

    We do them all: Armstrong, Girling, and other import shocks

    MGTD Girling front shock

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