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A shock

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A shock

Carburetors: SU and Zenith-Stromberg

Pair of SU's
  • Are you content with erratic idling? Resigned yourself to fiddling with your carbs each weekend?
  • Chances are good that the carburetors on your sports car have never been rebuilt.
  • Worn out needles and jets can cause too rich mixture or flooding condition. Result: Fouled plugs and premature wear on rings and bearings
  • Worn throttle shafts allow vacuum leaks which can cause a lean gas mixture and increased combustion temperatures. Result: premature valve failure
  • Worn float bowl needles can cause flooding out the overflow tubes. Result: increased danger of engine compartment fires
  • Any combination of the above conditions can spell disaster for even an apparently good running or rebuilt motor.
Pair of Zenith-Strombergs

On this page: Carb Trouble | What We Do | Which We Do | R&R Only | Jets & Needles


$465 - $545/pair

Carburetors completely disassembled and cleaned
Housings rebushed, new standard size throttle shafts
New jets, new needles, new float valves
New gaskets and O-rings
Individually flow bench tested
5 day turnaround time

$485/pair SU H Series
$545/pair SU HD Series
$465/pair SU HS Series
$465/pair SU HIF Series
$465/pair Zenith- Stromberg
Types of SU Carbs



Carburetor bodies rebushed
New standard size shafts installed

On this page: Carb Trouble | What We Do | Which We Do | R&R Only | Jets & Needles

1958-62 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite H1
1953-56 Austin Healey 100-4 H4, H6
1957-67 Austin Healey 100-6, 3000 Mk I, II, III HS4, HS6, HD6, HD8
1966-72 Datsun 1600, 2000, 240Z Hitachi (SU)
1953-57 Jaguar XK 120/140 H6
1958-62 Jaguar XK 150 HD6
1962-67 Jaguar XKE HD8
1968-77 Jaguar XKE, XJ6, XJ12 Zenith-Stromberg
1963-74 MG Midget, Austin Healey Sprite HS2
1958-62 MGA 1500, 1600, 1622 H4
1958-60 MGA Twin Cam H6
1963-71 MGB HS4
1972-75 MGB HIF
1968-69 MGC HS6
1946-55 MG TC/TD H2
1954-55 MG TF H4
1962-68 Triumph Spitfire HS2
1953-55 Triumph TR-2 H4
1956-65 Triumph TR-3, TR-4 H6
1965-67 Triumph TR-4A HS6, Zenith-Stromberg
1968-76 Triumph TR-6 Zenith-Stromberg

We also rebuild carbs on

Aston Martin
Austin A-55, 850, 1800
Bugeye Sprite 948
Austin Healey TRI-CARB
Jensen Healey
Morris MM, II, 1000, Oxford, Mini Minor, MG 1100, Magnette
Triumph Herald
Rover 3 Litre, 2000
Volvo B14-A, B16-B, B18-B, B20

On this page: Carb Trouble | What We Do | Which We Do | R&R Only | Jets & Needles

Rebuild & Return Only

  • For complete rebuilding send complete carburetors, but without manifold or air cleaners (linkage: optional).
  • For rebushing send just carb bodies with old shafts, butterflies, and throttle stops.
  • See also Shipping to/from Apple on Ordering Page.

Needles & Jets

  • Individually available for Zenith-Stromberg and S.U. carburetors. The most common problem we solve for our customers is richer needles to compensate for the current ethanol blended gasoline which causes the British cars to run lean. We also do custom needles for the race car folk's. Another popular item is our package of 3 to 6 of needles in a range for a particular car, which allows the car owner to dial in the carbs for the best performance. Picking up an additional 6 to 10 HP for $40 or so is a bargain not to mention seat of the pants improvement. OEM needles by necessity had to be a compromise between economy, performance and drivability in a wide range of climates and elevations. Why not optimize your car for maximum performance?
  • Most needles $5 to $18 each

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