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A shock

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A shock


Houdaille and other rotary shock absorbers

This is a rotary shock absorber (as opposed to the more common Delco piston shock; an easy way to identify a Houdaille shock is by its round clocklike housing) A very labor intensive shock to rebuild, especially if frozen (arm doesn't move); they must be rebuilt on an individual basis. Please allow 10 workday turnaround.

Ford - Mercury - Lincoln
$195.00 ea.

hf18 hf48 hf51f hf51r
Year/Model Front Rear
1928-32 Ford (all pass. & comm. cars) 13476-77 13476-77
1933-34 Ford (all pass. & comm. cars) 13454-55 13548-49
1935-36 Ford (all pass. & comm. cars) 13456-57 13548-49
1937-40 Ford (all pass. & comm. cars) 13456-57 12564-65
1941     Ford (all pass. & comm. cars) 12420-21 12422-23
1942-48 Ford (all pass. cars) 12420-21 12422-23
1942-48 Ford (Station Wagon & Panel Delivery) 12420-21 12507-08
1942-48 Ford (commercial models) 12420-21 12505-06
1939-40 Mercury (all models) 13456-57 12564-65
1941-48 Mercury (all models) 12420-21 12422-23
  • $195.00 each rebuilding cost applies to "rebuildable" cores: arm turns, internal parts move sort of quietly (no nasty grinding sound). Most "non-rebuildable" units can be rebuilt, but with some extra work. Expected cost is $245.00 each.
  • If we ship first, we will charge $245 plus $100 core deposit for each shock. All returned cores get full refund, regardless if they are "rebuildable" or not, as described above.

linczeph.gif lincrear

1936     Lincoln (Zephyr models) LZ1-2 LZ3-4
1937-40 Lincoln (Zephyr models) LZ1-2 LZ5-6
1941     Lincoln (all models) LZ7-8 LZ9-10
1942-48 Lincoln (all models) LZ1-2 LZ11-12
1942-48 Lincoln (all models) LZ1-2 LZ11-12

Other cars with rotary lever shocks


    Most pre 1930 models have Houdaille shocks. Please call for pricing,

    Some 1938 Packard models have Houdaille rotary shocks: front with two arms ($385 to rebuild) and rear with single arm ($195).

    Rear stabilizer ("fifth shock"): $245.


    1937 and later: $195 each. Call for pricing for pre-1937.


    Early post WWII: $385 each


    $385 each

Chrysler, Pierce Arrow, Cord

    before 1932: please call for pricing.


    some MGTA, TB, PA, PB, YA, YT, YB - $385 each
externally adjustable
Packard fifth
Jag SS-100

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