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A shock

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A shock


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Lever shocks for British and Other Imports


TR6 rear shockMGA front shock
Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, 3000 Mk II (*) 1953-64$126.00
$145 early 100-4
$95.00 HD
offered in heavy duty only
Austin Healey 3000 Mk III (*) 1964-67$126.00$85.00
Austin Healey Sprite (*)1957-70$126.00 HD
offered in heavy duty only
MGA (*) 1500, 1600, Twin Cam1955-62$126.00$85.00
MGB & GT (*)1963-80$116.00$85.00
MGC & GT1967-69n/a$85.00
MG Midget (*)1961-78$126.00 HD
offered in heavy duty only
MGTD, MGTF1950-56See below
Saab 95 Wagon1964-74n/a$95.00
Sunbeam Alpine Mk I & II1959-63n/a$95.00
$115 if center valve
Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR41952-65n/a$85.00
Triumph TR4A, TR250, TR61965-80n/a$95.00 HD
offered in heavy duty only

All our rebuilt shock absorbers are available as Standard or Heavy Duty Rebuilds. Prices listed are exchange prices for Standard Rebuilds (for Heavy Duty Upgrade add $10.00 per shock).
- Please add core deposit if your unit is not sent with order: $60 each front (except MGB and Spridget $45 each), $30 each rear (except Austin Healey rear $45 each)
- Rebuild and Return Yours is also available, please add $20.00 per shock.


Highly Recommended (for Austin Healey, Sprite/Midget, MGB only): Always replace rubber bushings between front shock and kingpin. These critically overlooked bushings are almost always worn out. Please request these bushings with every front shock you order. $4.50 ea. (2 required per shock)

(*) Also available:

- Kingpin (swivel axle) rebushing and/or rebuilding (Big Healey, MGTD/TF, MGA, MGB, Midget/Sprite)
- Rebuilt lower A-arms (Midget/Sprite)


Please Check: A rebuilt shock won't compensate for a connecting link with worn or loose bushings. They should be tight and wobble free. $20-$65 per link (outright, except 1953-62 Austin Healey exchange only).

On this page: In Stock: A-H MGA MGB/C Midget Sprite Triumph ... | Vintage Shocks


Shocks listed in the following table R&R basis only.
Aston MartinArmstrong - Single Arm Dual Valve$295.00$295.00
Selectaride - Electrically Adjustable Dampening$385.00$385.00
Rotary - Distinguishable by Clocklike Round Housing$385.00$385.00
Austin MarinaArmstrong - Single Arm$115.00n/a
Austin PrincessArmstrong, Large Cast Iron Housings$385.00$145.00
BMWLever Action$245.00$245.00
Ferrari Houdaille
FerrariHoudaille Rotary Unit - Round Shock Housing$385.00$385.00
GabrielPiston Lever Type$215.00$215.00
Rotary Type$385.00$385.00
Jaguar XK120 rear shock
JaguarRotary Style - Round Housing - Single Arm [SS 100 & others]$385.00$385.00
Girling or Luvax - Single Arm [XK120 & others]$215.00$215.00
XK-120 links rebushed$65.00
MercedesLever Action (F+S Komet)$245.00$245.00
MGTA, TB, PA, PB, YA, YT, YBRotary Style Luvax Unit$385.00$385.00
Girling PV5, PR5 Piston Type$245.00$215.00
MGTC shock
MGTCGirling / Luvax - Single Arm Top Cover Held on by Four Screws - 1/2" Filler Plug in Center$215.00$215.00
MGTD Girling (on the left) and Armstrong (on the right) front shocks
MGTD, TF1950-52 Girling - Cast Iron Housing - 2 1/2" Screw on Filler Cap$215.00$115.00
1952-56 Armstrong - Aluminum Housing - Cover Held on by Machine Screws$215.00$95.00
$115 if center valve
Andrex friction shocks$245.00$245
Kingpin rebushing and/or rebuilding also available
Monroe(Essex) Single Arm Lever$245.00$245.00
MorganArmstrong Single Armn/a$95.00
$115 if center valve
Girling Single Armn/a$215.00
Morris / Morris MinorArmstrong Single Arm$125.00
$145 if center valve
$115 if center valve
Girling Single Arm$195.00$195.00
SC2/3 rear shock pre-ww2 shock
Rolls BentleyS-1, S-2, S-3$385.00$385.00
Pre-war Units$385.00$385.00
Lovejoy units (on Springfield)$385.00$385.00
Wahl(Franklin) Single Arm Lever$245.00$245.00

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